Jay Daddy & Ashley Brynild

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Jay Daddy & Ashley's Story

I felt like the luckiest man to find the woman of my dreams in 2003 and I knew I wanted to marry her. Her name is Anna and she informed me at the beginning that she had a daughter named Ashley with special needs. Anna shared her and Ashley’s story with me and I was even more in love with this woman who I called "the rock". It bothered me because I was dating Anna for 3 months and I still did not meet Ashley. Yet she had met my daughter Kelsey and son Jayson.


So one night I came right out and ask Anna are you embarrassed of your daughter? Anna was shocked that I was showing so much interest for her daughter. Anna said no she was not embarrassed of Ashley she just was not ready to have us meet.


One day I called out of the  blue and said I am in your neck of the woods and can I come by. Anna said yes come over but Ashley is here and I was excited that she said yes and finally I was going to get to meet Ashley. I can remember when the door opened and I saw Ashley's face. She was so cute and she took my hand and we went and sat on the couch. Ashley wanted me to watch TV with her so we put on a car show and she sat in my lap and I explained to her what was going on about the cars.


Anna invited to stay for dinner and ask me to go to the store for something. I asked if Ashley could go so she could pick out a video. Anna stated that was too much and I explained this is not my first rodeo and that kids are kids. Anna said you do not understand and I said don’t worry just relax. Ashley and I went to the store and when we got there was a horse ride and I ask Ashley if she wanted to go on a horse and she said yes and loved it and said "Again".  I must of spent $4.00 dollars on a $.25 cent ride but she was so happy and it melted my heart.


Then when we went into the store and went to the video section she picked out a Barney video and held it to her chest and I was putty. When we returned to Anna’s house we ate and played and I even watched the Barney video. I can remember tucking her in and her calling me "Jay Daddy". It surprised me because Ashley did not talk much. I was touched and I knew from that day my thoughts of marrying Anna were correct and I wanted us to be a family. In 2004 it was confirmed that we were a family after Anna and I got married.


To this day we still watch TV, football, basketball, baseball and her favorite "The Three Stooges". Together we play "The Three Stooges" all the time with all the sound effects and all. Ashley does not speak much but it did not take long for her to learn the word "touchdown". I was her coach for baseball, bowling partner, and so much more.


It has been 9 years and I am so proud of her and all that she can do. I have learned from Ashley that life is precious and to never sweat the small stuff. Ashley is my hero in so many ways and I love her dearly and proud to have her as my daughter.


~Jay Daddy