Duane & Elijah

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Elijah is my only child, and I have no intention of having any other children. It's difficult for me to speak of my experience raising Elijah in the context of him being a special needs child, as I have next to nothing to which I can compare the experience.

I can tell you what Elijah has taught me. He's taught me how to be strong in the face of any adversity. He's taught me to truly not give a damn about small minded, judgmental people looking from the outside in. I've learned that even the most well adjusted people who live their lives with no disabilities are very often as hopeless and miserable as the worse off among us. Elijah has taught me that we only get a brief go around in this world and any of us, ALL of us have a responsibility to ourselves and those around us to take whatever we have going for us and make the absolute best of it, regardless of whatever limitations and setbacks we are dealt. Elijah has taught me to live and love and to not waste time with much of anything else.