"Pablo's Story"

Pablo & Miguel Orta

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"Pablo's Story"

My name is Pablo and my son Miguel is eleven years old with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Miguel is a kid who has taught me many things in his life and he has definitely changed my life forever.

Miguel was born extremely premature and his first diagnose was Cerebral Palsy, it was not easy to grasp the idea of having a child with special needs, however my wife Myriam and I got closer together and we work very hard to help Miguel.

I made a commitment to help Miguel however possible by learning how to give him physical and speech therapy any chance I got by watching the therapists doing it. When Miguel was about three years old he got diagnosed with Autism, this was another tough situation to handle because it involved more work by all members of our family.

Miguel has an older brother Alek (13) and a younger brother Leonardo (8) and they love him very much, we all are learning how to advocate for Miguel, how to speak for him, how to care for him, how to learn from him, and specially how to understand him. Miguel loves water and every chance he gets he wants to get wet and he is a child who needs that sensory feeling so he is always bringing anything to his mouth.

My wife and I have learned thru the years how to advocate for our child and specially in the school system, we made the decision to learn as much as possible to help our child receive the best education possible.

Miguel is progressing slowly and we are facing a long road ahead of us but along the way we ask, we seek, and we find ways to help him. It is important for fathers to participate and get involved because four ears and four eyes are always better than two ears and two eyes.

I encourage all fathers to participate, get involved, and learn as much as possible because you have great influence in your child, you can make a difference in your child’s life, in your life, and in the life of other parents who have a special needs child.

Thank you.

~ Pablo Orta