"Savanah's Story"

Jeffrey & Savanah Quinn

Seminole County, Florida

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"Savanah's Story"

After witnessing the birth of my daughter, Savanah, I wanted to be a great father to her. You can imagine how special she made me feel when she took her first steps at the age of 15 months. My wife was at work and Savanah was hanging with me that day because she was not feeling well. I am still amazed at how she somehow managed to function within her family from 0 months to 2 years with no hearing. We did not find out about her hearing loss (bilateral neural) until she was 2 years old. The entire time prior to our finding she read lips. When I watch the video of her first steps, it is an encouragement to me that "my booh‐bear" is destined for great things.

To see her remain in her mother's womb in a "frank‐breech" position for 36 weeks weighing in at 9lbs 14oz, have virtually no hearing, and still manage to communicate and express her needs to the world is a miracle in and of itself. Savanah has taught me and her mom to be true overcomers and advocates in this life.

~ Jeffrey Quinn


Savanah's First Day of School

Savanah's 10th Birthday Party

Savanah turns 10!