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Kiera's Story


My wife and I requested that Kiera be referred to "Early Intervention Services" in Reno, Nevada prior to the age of 2.  She was not meeting milestones, she did not walk until 2.2 years of age, preferring to roll.  She began receiving services at home then in a general education classroom.

Presently, Kiera is in the 5th grade, inclusion 15-20 percent of the day receiving speech, O.T., P.T. and therapeutic recreation at school, plus speech and O.T. with rehabilitation in the home.  She is developing independence due to positive outcomes from the services she receives at school and in our home.

Because of IDEA, Kiera receive services that are necessary to enhance her daily life.  She is learning to become more confident in the general education setting as well as in public settings.  She has learned a great many skills that will continue to strengthen because of supports put in place due to IDEA.

IDEA funding gives our Kiera the chance to be more than just a number -  within Social Security. She is learning skills that many take for granted.  She has learned Sign Language and utilizes PECS (Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Social) when communicating. 

She participated in the Special Olympics 25M race today, coming in first!

I thought I would have to teach my daughter about the world. It turns out that I have to teach the world about my daughter.

“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done; men and women who are creative, inventive and discoverers, who can be critical and verify, and not accept, everything they are offered.”  Jean Piaget

 ~Michael Sanderfer



Michael & Kiera Sanderfer

Starlight Children's Foundation St. Patrick's Day Event

March 17, 2012



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