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IEP Clinic

Be collaborative and pro-active rather than adversarial and reactive. Don't wait until the day before your IEP to realize you need help. Let us show you how. Don't create dependencies on others to do what you are capable of doing. Learn the process. I am offering one on one IEP clinics for parents, Call the SELA office and book yours. If you are feeling unprepared for your upcoming meeting or unsure of the procedural process I can help you understand. SELA can cater training to meet your individual circumstances and to help you develop the skills you need to become the lifelong successful advocate for your child. Knowledge is power and all you need to become that advocate your child needs. You know what is best for your child because you know your child the best. Learn from thirty years of my applied experience.

~Wilbur Hawke

Contact Special Education Law & Advocacy (SELA) to schedule yours.



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